ATOM Wallet: All Your Health Data, One Convenient App

Explore how our digital health platform is reshaping the industry landscape, bringing all stakeholders a smarter, faster, and more efficient way to handle workers compensation claims.

Simplify healthcare with ATOM. Automate tasks, communicate directly with injured workers, issue digital documents, and manage claims efficiently with our AI and chatbot assistants.


Boost connectivity with ATOM's smart API. Engage with all stakeholders in real-time, automate and streamline existing manual processes.

Injured Worker

Experience digital care with ATOM. Store medical documents securely, chat in real-time with providers, share health records, and maintain control of your data with the ATOM Digital Health Wallet.

ATOM WC significantly improves administrative burden and delivers better care.

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ATOM Digital Health Wallet

Easily manage medical records, securely share health data and claims, maintain medication and allergy details, and access your medical history anytime, anywhere.

Digital Health Records

Streamline document management and enable interoperability for workers compensation. Atom digitizes the claims process, eliminating manual tasks and paperwork from filing to settlement.

HIPAA-Compliant Communication

Secure messaging between payers, providers, and injured workers. Manage claims, share and verify documents, assign tasks, book appointments, and more.

Advanced Data Intelligence

Fight fraud and abuse with machine learning and AI, enhancing data accuracy and streamlining complex workflows, reducing administrative burden.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered automation for cost-saving responses to healthcare challenges, including patient experience, claims processing, and fraud detection.

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And that’s not all.
All of the added benefits…

Data Interoperability

Enable seamless application-to-application communication, facilitating access to third-party data for claims and translating it for your ecosystem.


Healthcare bots for information retrieval, record updates, patient triage, and workflow triggering. Access vital information through conversational AI.

Automated API Integration

Automate processes and integrate existing systems with healthcare-specific connectors. No API? We'll build one for you!

24/7 Support

Rely on our dedicated team of experts for round-the-clock guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.

Why ATOM is Essential for Injured Workers and Their Recovery

"With ATOM, I have my medical history at my fingertips anytime, anywhere."

- Recent Injured Worker

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